Product Features


How do we keep everyone up to date without bombarding them with information they don’t need?

We are cutting through the noise by focusing communication around the data you are discussing.  Then give people the ability to watch only the items that are important to them.

This minimises the amount of information which needs to be broadcast just in case people need to know and makes it easy for people to keep up to date with just the things that are important to them in real time.

How can I easily get the insights out of my data?

When we were designing Muze we were very intentional to about ensuring we were thinking about analytics first.  Storing a whole lot of information is great but without the analyitics you are going to miss things that are really important.

Out of the box we have built the system to bridge the gap between analytics tools and the user friendliness of the application menaing that you can surface insights within the application that will automatically flow across to your analytics.


The start of YOUR Data YOU WAY

We have made the architectural decisions to give you the most needed features straight out of the box, so you can focus on what you specifically need for your project.

Rapid Prototyping

We know you want to get quick results so you can easily see if its what you want so we have focused making that easy.  

Data Analytics

The ability to get insights out of your data is paramount.  We give you full access to get as much insight as you need.

Available Everywhere

Our application is hosted in the cloud meaning that you users can get access from anywhere in the world.

External User Access

We make it seamless for you to be able to work with people outside your organisation with Azure AD.

Workflow Engine

Based on the BPMN 2.0 standards the engine covers both documentation and execution of your processes


Enterprise Document Management

Built with deep integration to Office 365 we have the power of Sharepoint Online built straight into the application

Email Integration

Send emails from your Outlook and have them appear in the systems activity feed so you can track everything

Auditting Enabled

Need to know what changed and when in the system and your analytics.  We’ve got you covered with SQL Azure.

Single Sign On

We are built for Office 365 clients so you will never have to remember another username and password.

"We can get results in a fraction of the time we used to. "

– Scott Arthur

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