About us


We are driven by questions and the search for answers.

BIG questions have driven us from day one. 

It began with our Partnership with Zapien and has continued to flow into everything we do.

What questions would you like answered for your organisation?



This is our team, they are developers so they don’t like to have their picture taken but they are real.

Mitchell Hunt

Muze Ambassador 

Anish Duwal

Software Developer

Tyler Watson

Technical Lead

Teangi Shoesmith

Software Developer

Denniel Diaz 

Software Developer

How we work

Software Done Differently

We want to get the best return for our investment of time and energy and this is how we think we can do that

Together with the Organisation

We may have technical expertise but users are the experts in regards to the organisation.  We need the input and feedback from the organisation

Tools for the Organisation

Our goal is to give the organisation the ability to do 85% of the simple system changes without the need for technical intervention.


Start Simple

We need to start somewhere so a simple place is where we should start.  Complexity is easy to create but keepig things simple is difficult.



We provide support across the entire process.  Whether it be training for your users or support for your technical team we will be able to guide you. 


With the pace of change in the current market we know that what the client needs is a moving target.  SO we get feedback quickly and regularly

Coding Standards

Our team has a set of coding standards to allow us to get team members up to speed quickly and ensure that we can maintain great code quality.

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